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Jiangxi Zhongmei Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.

  Jiangxi Zhongmei Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.

  Located in the heroic city of Nanchang, Jiangxi Zhongmei Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. is directly under the management of Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Coalfield and Geology. It is a large-scale overseas-orientated comprehensive multinational state-owned construction company group, covering a wide range of operations including: development of highroads, bridges, civil public works, housing construction, metros, urban rail transportation, mining, water conservancy and hydropower, steel structures, installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, landscaping; design of highroads, civil public works, and houses; as well as testing, project supervision and consultation, geological prospecting, and geological prospecting. In recent years, the company has won a number of honors, including: National Construction Industry AAA Grade Credit Enterprise, National Outstanding Construction Enterprise, National Outstanding Civil Public Works Construction Enterprise, Jiangxi Province “Tenth Five-Year Plan” and “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” Key Projects Advanced Unit, Jiangxi Province “Go Overseas” Advanced Unit, and Model Unit directly under the Jiangxi Provincial Government. In the involved projects across China, the company has been the winner of a wide range of awards such as China Construction Projects Luban Award, National Public Works Golden Cup Demonstration Project Award, Azaleas Award, and Provincial/Ministerial-level Quality Project Award.    

  As one of “Jiangxi’s Leading Foreign Economic Enterprises”, Jiangxi Zhongmei Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. was among the pioneers to successfully seek market in Africa. In the past years, Jiangxi Zhongmei Engineering Construction Co., Ltd has taken a “Big Overseas and Big Foreign Trade” development path. Based on the international projects contracting and centered on China’s foreign aid projects, this strategy has successfully helped the company enhance the cooperation in a wide range of businesses with the African countries, including agricultural development, mineral energy development, overseas investment, and overseas real estate development. Currently, its projects under development and branch offices have ever covered eight countries, i.e., Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, Garner, Togo, and Liberia in Africa, as well as Laos and Indonesia in Southeast Asia. The operations include a wide range of areas, such as highways, bridges, housing construction, public works, water supply, sewage, well drilling, agricultural irrigation, agriculture, mineral exploration, and environmental engineering. All these projects, upon completion, have played an important role in the economic development, culture, education and healthcare, as well as the environment protection.

  Overview of Overseas Projects   

  Sticking to the core strategy of “Go Overseas”, Jiangxi Zhongmei Engineering Construction Co., Ltd has taken a “Big Overseas and Big Foreign Trade” development path. Based on the international projects contracting and centered on China’s foreign aid projects, this strategy has successfully helped the company cover a wide range of businesses, including overseas project contracting mineral exploration and development, overseas real estate development, international trade, and foreign investment. Currently, the company’s overseas development projects have already gained a firm foothold in seven Asian and African countries; there are more than 30 projects still under development. In the past years, the company has made ??an outstanding contribution to Africa’s social development; it has also established a good corporate image among the local governments and residents, as well as carried forward Chinese national spirit of “hard-work and ceaseless self-improvement”. The efforts ever made have helped lay a solid foundation for the development of profound friendship between the Chinese people and the African people.

  In 2008, the company won the bid in the Ethiopia’s Afar Highroad Project which is worth nearly $120 million of contract value; in 2010, it was the winning bidder for Kenya’s C35 Highway Project with costs of nearly $60 million; later it was independently awarded the bid in Kenya for the $175 million A2 Highway Project, which, as long as 120 km, was the largest single overseas highway development project undertaken by a Jiangxi construction enterprise to date. The major projects ever undertaken by Jiangxi Zhongmei in Kenya, the most important market in Africa for the company, include the following: Kenya TIWI Drilling-Wells Pipeline Project, Kenya Mumills Water Supply Project, Kenya Mombasa West Coast Sewage Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Project, and Kenya Migori Water Supply Project (won the bid in 2012) and Kenya A1 Kisumu to Kidali No.3 Section (Webii-Kidali Section) Highway Project, with a total contract value of nearly $400 million. In Zambia, the company has ever developed Zambia’s Eastern Province Middle School project and Zambian Ministry of Health Hospital. The projects undertaken in Ghana include Ghana Ashti Province Water Supply Project, road and bridge projects in the northern part of Ghana, and the highway project in the western part of Ghana.

  In addition, the company has vigorously sought opportunities of China’s foreign aid projects. After aiding Laos in the Kunming-Bangkok highway project, the company won the bids in (China’s aiding Togo) the agricultural technology demonstration center project, the first phase of which was completed on April 25, 2011 and the second phase is currently in the operations. We also succeeded in bidding the (China’s aiding Liberia) Drilling Wells Project (EPC) in August 2011.

  Except for contracting projects, the company’s businesses have gradually expanded to other areas. Currently, the company is intended to invest in Africa, particularly in Africa’s tourism resources. A five-star hotel project is in the phase of preparing a detailed feasibility report. At the same time, the company dispatched a team of experts to carry out feasibility studies in investing cement plants in Kenya. Plus, the company wishes to draw upon one of its core technologies, i.e., coalfield geological survey, mining geological exploration and land & resources survey, to assist the African countries conduct more mining exploration and land & resources survey.